Latest Travel News in El Calafate

Between the months of July and September, air routes from the capital city of Santa Fe to the south of the country will be resumed.
The new fare schedule will take effect from May 2024.
The national airline has agreed with officials from the city of Santa Cruz to increase flights during the low season.
Two destinations from a long list of cities will no longer be served by the state-owned company until the winter holidays.
The Municipal Tourism Secretariat will launch “El Calafate Invites 2024,” an affordable package to ensure activity during the low season
The gathering for tango dancers and enthusiasts will take place at the end of March.
February is just around the corner, which will bring a series of unique events and popular parties to the city of Calafate.
During the last week of 2023, the ARTCA (Association of Remises and Taxis of El Calafate) together with Mayor Javier Belloli established an agreement to raise the flag drop rate of taxi service.
2024 arrives with the start of construction of luxury hotel in front of Perito Moreno Glacier