Easter 2024: CO.M.PA.S. to Visit El Calafate

Easter 2024 CO.M.PA.S. to Visit El Calafate

The gathering for tango dancers and enthusiasts will take place at the end of March.

The Milonga Corridor of Southern Patagonia will hold its 25th edition in the city of El Calafate from March 28th to 30th at the SUM of the Casino Club El Calafate

Registration to participate in the meeting is now open for all dancers from Argentine and Chilean Patagonia, with the following fees:

  • Until 08/03: $15000
  • Starting from 09/03: $20000

The mission of CO.M.PA.S. focuses on bringing together experienced or practicing dancers and milonga enthusiasts from different parts of the Patagonian region to promote cultural value while highlighting the tourist attractions of the cities they visit.

This is a non-profit, self-managed initiative. The event, which has been held quarterly for 10 years, has been declared of Cultural Interest in the province of Tierra del Fuego.

Source: Government of Tierra del Fuego, Señal Calafate.