What to do in Iguazu Falls on a rainy day?

Que hacer en Cataratas del Iguazu con lluvia

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Located in the middle of the jungle of Misiones and with numerous waterfalls that make them majestic, the Iguazu Falls have become one of the most visited destinations in Argentina and is a must to enjoy at any time of the year.

However, if you happen to have a rainy day, don’t hesitate to consider the following options for things to do in the area.

Visit the Iguazu Falls Park even if it rains

The first recommendation we offer is to visit the Iguazu National Park even if it rains.

Keep in mind that the weather in Iguazu is subtropical, so it can rain torrentially, then improve and even the sun comes out and abruptly change the panorama.

You can walk through the park with a rain cape. In the park facilities there are several stalls that sell rain capes, so you will have no problem getting one.

Iguazu Falls is a unique natural attraction that you cannot miss, even on rainy days.

Having made this first recommendation, we share with you activities and tours to enjoy the destination on a rainy day.

Visit the Museum Imágenes de la Selva

Museo Imagenes de la Selva Iguazu

The Images of the Jungle Museum is a space that allows you to learn about the missionary ecosystem through works made on wood and the history of the city of Puerto Iguazú, its early years and the life of its inhabitants.

The Museum is inspired by the life and works of one of the pioneers of this city: Rodolfo Allou, who, besides being an artist, worked as a dentist of the town.

Allou’s works, recognized in the area for his woodcarvings of the nature that abounds in the jungle of Misiones, animals, legends and its inhabitants, are preserved in the museum.

Allou used in his works different types of wood from the trees of the area, always respecting the natural form of the branches or trunks.

During the visit, you will also be able to appreciate works about well-known characters such as Jorge Cafrune and the writer Horacio Quiroga.

The Museum Imágenes de la Selva is located in the town of Puerto Esperanza, Route 12 – Km 5, at the entrance of the sanctuary Santa María del Iguazú.

Get to know Güirá Oga Wildlife Refuge

Güirá Oga (“the house of the birds” in Guaraní language) is a rescue center. There, animals from the jungle of Misiones arrive from traffic, run over on the roads or injured by poachers. They provide rehabilitation to these wild animals and work to return them to their natural habitat.

Güirá Oga is located at the access to the city of Puerto Iguazú, on Route 12 and can be reached by private vehicle, cab or bus.

Güirá Oga, has an area of 19 hectares, has the category of Protected Landscape and is named “Andrés Giai”, in honor of the renowned naturalist.

The property is surrounded by the following protected natural areas: the Iguazú National Park in the southern limit, the Peninsula Provincial Park and other protected areas in the north of Misiones, where the greatest biodiversity of wild fauna is concentrated.

Visiting Güirá Oga is a great plan to enjoy with the family and appreciate the rescue, research and awareness work on wildlife and environmental protection.

Excursion to San Ignacio Ruins and Wanda Mines

If you want to get out of the rainy area and get to know alternative proposals to the Iguazu Falls, an unmissable tour is the excursion to the Ruins of San Ignacio and Las Minas de Wanda.

San Ignacio Miní Ruins

This destination is approximately three hours from Puerto Iguazú and you can hire one of the many tour operators that offer the experience.

It is a full day excursion, where you can get to know one of the great attractions of the province of Misiones.

The San Ignacio Ruins were declared World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1984. There, you can appreciate constructions made by the Jesuits in the 17th century, as part of the missions they carried out in America during the colonial period.

The constructions are works of great dimensions, where most of the walls are still standing.

You will be able to see around the central square: the church, the Casa de los Padres, the cemetery, the houses and the town hall.

A noteworthy fact is that red asperon, the local stone of the area, was used for the constructions of San Ignacio.

Wanda Mines

After marveling at the Ruins of San Ignacio, you can enjoy the tour to the Wanda Mines.

There you will visit the gemstone extraction centers, learn about the production process and observe the final result.

The Wanda Mines are a series of caves with raw gems. There are multiple types of gemstones, including amethyst, milky quartz and clear quartz.

During the excursion to San Ignacio and Las Minas de Wanda, Yerba Mate and Tea plantations, characteristic crops of the province of Misiones, will appear along the way.

Attention, here comes the last recommendation to enjoy the Iguazu Falls in the rain.

Enjoy your Hotel!

A rainy day at the Iguazu Falls can be the perfect excuse to explore the alternatives offered by your hotel.

Many hotels are located in an environment where you can contemplate the missionary jungle at its best.

Observing the environment without haste is a very good plan. With the rain, the colors intensify in the jungle and you can take advantage to capture the best moments of the day from the window of your room or in the common areas.

Take the opportunity to have breakfast with the slow awakening of the jungle and observe at every moment of the day the large number of birds that circulate in the area.

As you can see, the options to enjoy the Iguazu Falls with rain are multiple and you will always have the exuberant nature of Misiones as the protagonist.

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