San Ignacio Miní Ruins and Wanda Mines

San Ignacio and Wanda Mines

From: 60 USD


  • Learn about the history of the first Jesuit missions in the region.
  • Visit the place where the stones are extracted for the region's jewelry.
  • Enjoy the scenery of the interior of the province.


The excursion allows you to visit the San Ignacio Miní Ruins, one of the regions declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

These ruins are the vestige of the first incursions of the Jesuits in the region, and is a place where you can learn about their history, how they lived, and be face to face with beautiful buildings of that orange so typical of the province of Misiones.

In this excursion you will also visit the Wanda mines, a place where different precious stones are extracted and then used in the construction of jewelry pieces.

Enjoy a historical tour to one of the most outstanding places in the province of Misiones!


📍 DestinationIguazu Falls
▶ Starting TimeAM
🕛 DurationFull Day
🚴 Type of TourRain, Traditional
📄 FeaturesGroup Service

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Visit to San Ignacio Ruins and Wanda Mines Full day Tour

Why choose this tour?

This is the most popular excursion to go to the ruins of San Ignacio. There are not usually different providers or have additional ones that have not been mentioned in the itinerary.

Price: 60 USD

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The excursion starts early at 7:00am, where the bus will go to the different hotels to pick up passengers in Puerto Iguazu or Foz do Iguazu.

From there you will go to the Wanda mines, the first stop on the itinerary. There you will learn about the work they do in the place, enter the mine where the guide will comment interesting facts about the place, and at the end there will be a short stop at the gift store.

After this visit, you will continue to the San Ignacio Ruins, which is approximately 243 kilometers from Puerto Iguazú.

Upon arrival at the Ruins, there will be a break for lunch. You can choose one of the restaurants in the area or take a lunch if you have brought something with you.

After about an hour, it is time to visit the Ruins of San Ignacio Miní. In this first visit you will have a tour in the museum, where you can see several native pieces of the area and the history of what used to be a Jesuit temple.

Following the path you will arrive at the main patio of the tempo, where you will be able to see the remains of the ruins, with its characteristic pink color product of the piece of the region.

Meanwhile, the guide will be commenting different details of the history of the tempo and the people who inhabited it.

Around 4 pm, it will be time to return to Puerto Iguazu and Foz do Iguazu to drop off passengers at their hotels. The tour is expected to end between 7pm and 8pm.

In some cases, depending on the supplier, a visit to a yerba mate and tea producer is made, where you can learn a little of the work and buy regional products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, there are almost no stairs or complicated paths during the excursion except in the Wanda Mines where there are some stairs. We suggest bringing sun protection during the visit to the San Ignacio Ruins as there is a good portion of the visit that takes place in full sun.

We do not recommend this excursion for minors, the travel times are long and can be repetitive for children. At the same time, the topics covered in the activity may not be the most attractive for children.

We suggest consulting with the excursion provider to find out about this, as the activity is not always available.

The approximate price of tickets to the Wanda Mines for foreigners is USD 10, while for national passengers the price is USD 8 (consider the blue dollar exchange rate to obtain the value in Argentine pesos).

The approximate price of tickets to San Ignacio Ruins for foreigners is USD 10, while for national passengers the price is USD 8 (consider the blue dollar exchange rate to obtain the value in Argentine pesos).

Touring the San Ignacio Miní Ruins takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to visit it in its entirety. The most time-consuming part of the tour is the route if you are coming from Puerto Iguazú or Foz do Iguazú. If you are coming from Posadas, you can visit the ruins on the way to Puerto Iguazú.

The visit to the Wanda mines should not take more than 1 hour, although it may take longer depending on the time other passengers spend in the gift store.

It’s a great option! This tour is conducted almost entirely on a transport bus and allows you to move away from the rain area. Keep in mind that it is a long tour and if you come with minors, it might be a bit heavy for them.

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