Guira Oga in Puerto Iguazu

Guira Oga in Puerto Iguazu

From: 25 USD


  • Take the opportunity to learn more about the wildlife and rescue, rehabilitation, and release activities carried out by Guira Oga.
  • The tour includes a truck ride followed by an 800-meter walk through the jungle.
  • The place is open from 9am to 6pm.


Güira Oga, located in the Misiones Jungle, offers a unique tourist experience focusing on the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of native wildlife.

The tour begins with a truck ride through a beautiful 19-hectare landscape, followed by a walk through the lush jungle where visitors can observe various species of animals and trees.

The trip to Güira Oga also provides a valuable opportunity to learn about the importance of protecting the jungle and its diversity of fauna and flora.

Tours are conducted daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and group bookings are welcome.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and footwear as the visit is mainly outdoors.

The funds raised from the entrance fee and donations allow the refuge to continue operating, thus contributing to the valuable conservation work of the Misiones jungle and its inhabitants.


📍 DestinationIguazu Falls
▶ Starting TimeAM or PM
🕛 Duration1hs to 4hs
🚴 Type of TourCultural, Rain
📄 FeaturesGroup Service

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The tourist experience at Güira Oga, located in the Misiones Jungle, is an approximately one hour and forty minutes tour.

This experience is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of the native wildlife, which arrive at the refuge due to wildlife trafficking, accidents on the roads or deliveries by the population. Güira Oga was founded by Jorge Anfuso and Silvia Elsegood in August 1997.

The experience begins with a (safety) truck ride through the property, which comprises 19 hectares of protected landscape, surrounded by natural areas such as Iguazu National Park.

Then, visitors continue on foot for about 800 meters in the Misiones jungle, meeting the various inhabitants of the refuge, including local species like howler monkeys and the Yaguareté.

During this tour, you can observe up to 40 different species of trees and listen to the calls of the animals, like the bellow of a young howler monkey.

A crucial part of the visit is the heart of Güira Oga, the sector where the animals are raised and rehabilitated. Here, food for the animals is produced and prepared daily.

The visit also allows you to know the incubation area and the small Güira Oga restaurant.

Then, you enter the area where there are animals that used to be illegal pets and cannot be reintroduced to their natural environment.

The last stage of the tour is the educational work that is carried out with children and schools. Here, visitors learn the importance of protecting wildlife and the Misiones mountain.

With the purchase of the ticket and donations, visitors contribute that the essential work of Güira Oga can continue, allowing to develop education programs and protection of wildlife and their environment.

Tours take place daily throughout the year, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and group bookings can be made.

Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, as the visit is conducted outdoors. It can also be carried out by people of any age and physical condition.

In short, the visit to Güira Oga is a unique opportunity to closely observe the efforts to protect and preserve Misiones wildlife, and to reflect upon the importance of conserving jungles and their biodiversity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely! The tour is conducted on a flat path and a large part of the excursion is on a truck. Just keep in mind that the person should be able to walk approximately 800 meters. The place is also prepared for visitors in wheelchairs.

Absolutely! The place is ideal for children, thanks to the variety of animals that can be seen.

Yes! Guira Oga is open every day of the year.

Guira Oga means “the house of the birds” in Guarani.

The entrance fee to Guira Oga is approximately USD 5.

Guira Oga is located at National Route No. 12, Km. 1638, in front of the “Images of the Jungle Museum”, almost at the entrance of Puerto Iguazu.

Some of the animals that can be found in Guira Oga are: Yacarés, Honey Bears, Turtles, Eagles, Snakes, Howler Monkeys, Toucans and Yaguaretés.

Absolutely! Part of the visit is under cover, and even where there isn’t a roof there is a canopy of trees that can help protect you from the rain. We recommend also taking the opportunity to visit La Aripuca and the Images of the Jungle Museum, both of which are close to Guira Oga.

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