Macuco Safari

Macuco Safari

From: 50 USD


  • Macuco Safari is a complete adventure experience.
  • You will be able to venture into the jungle by walking until you reach Salto Arrechea or bathe in the waterfall.
  • And finish the tour by navigating beneath the waterfalls of the Iguazu Falls.


This tour has become one of the typical postcards that cannot be missed when visiting Iguazu Falls. The path is tranquil, as it has a lower influx of tourists compared to the rest of the trails.

It is a super complete activity, because in addition to the incredible experience of navigating between the falls, it includes a walk through the jungle, with a section on foot and the other part of the tour with vehicles that have a panoramic view giving another perspective to know the biodiversity of the place.

The tour can be complemented with other activities such as visiting the Iguazu Park on the Brazilian side or the incredible experience of flying over Iguazu Falls through a helicopter ride.


📍 DestinationIguazu Falls
▶ Starting TimeAM or PM
🕛 Duration1hs to 4hs
🚴 Type of TourAdventure
📄 FeaturesGroup Service

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Macuco Safari Adventure Tour

Why choose this tour?

Choose to book only the ticket to the experience to be carried out during your visit to the Brazilian park.

Price: 50 USD

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The tour begins at the Park entrance, from where approximately three kilometers will be covered in an electric or panoramic vehicle, during which the guide will be able to show and explain the characteristics of the flora and fauna of the Paranaense Jungle.

The second part consists of a short walk during which approximately 600 meters are covered into the jungle, leading to the shores of the Iguazu River.

For the last part of the activity, the long-awaited navigation begins. Visitors will board special Zodiac-type boats to navigate very close to some of the waterfalls that are part of the Iguazu Falls. With great safety and specialized pilots, they perform maneuvers to ascend the Iguazu River to reach the base of the falls, guaranteeing unforgettable sensations and images amidst the waters that provide visitors with a true bathing experience.

The trekking and navigation experience within the trail alone takes approximately four hours, which can be done both in the morning and the afternoon…

Frequently Asked Questions

There is wheelchair accessibility for a large part of the tour, but there are some activities within the excursion that are more challenging to perform.

Yes, of course.

The excursion is available on the 24th, 25th, and 31st of December, as well as on the first of January.

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