Iguazu Bike Tour: Yaguarete Trail

Iguazu Bike Tour Yaguarete Trail

From: 139 USD


  • You have the chance to get to know the jungle in first person through the fantastic Yaguareté trail.
  • Participate in adventure tourism in the Iguazú National Park through an entertaining activity such as cycling.
  • Along the way, you can observe a great amount of native flora and fauna, as well as the work on the land of the settlers of the area.


In this activity you will be able to ride a bicycle through the mythical Yaguareté trail. It crosses roads and streets of the traditional red land of the region, between the towns of Puerto Iguazú and Comandante Andresito.

The incredible Atlantic forest is home to more than 550 species of birds, about 120 kinds of mammals and about 2,500 types of plants, in addition to trees. Therefore, during the tour, you will be able to stop to observe and take pictures along the way.

It is an excursion for the whole family, but ideal for older children or young people who want to do different activities. And in the outdoor experience, learn more about the environment surrounding the Iguazu Falls.


📍 DestinationIguazu Falls
▶ Starting TimeAM
🕛 Duration4hs to 8hs
🚴 Type of TourAdventure
📄 FeaturesGroup Service

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The tour starts at your accommodation, where you will be picked up with a group transfer. It is important to know that you should ask for transfers, both outbound and return, so that you can rest assured.

The agency in charge of the excursion will provide both the bicycles and the safety equipment for the whole activity. They will also provide a snack to enjoy a short stop and rest.

The bike tour begins in the National Park, in front of the gendarmerie post to ride along the beautiful Route 101 and then continue along different trails which are called Camino del Yaguareté (Jaguar’s Path).

At this point it should be noted that there will be 2 distances for you to adapt the route based on your physical fitness. The first section consists of 10 km, while the second can be up to 40 km.

The same route and trail is cycled back and forth. This way, the total trip can last from four to six hours approximately, depending on the agency providing the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bicycles are required. Therefore, it is not recommended for the elderly or people with reduced mobility.

The activity is available for children 7 years of age and older or those who are at least 1.5 meters tall.

This tour is available on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

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