Bicycle Tour: 2 Countries in 1 Day (Paraguay and Argentina)

Bicycle Tour 2 Countries in 1 Day (Paraguay and Argentina)

From: 125 USD


  • 6-hour bicycle excursion.
  • You will have the opportunity to visit a bit of Paraguay.
  • Includes lunch and ferry tickets to cross the river.


Join a 6-hour bicycle adventure, crossing from Argentina to Paraguay.

Start from the Yriapú Jungle, immersing yourself in nature on your bike.

Then, cross the Iguazú and Paraná rivers by ferry to explore the streets of Presidente Franco.

Enjoy a traditional lunch at Parque Salto Monda-y and visit the Paraguayan Landmark, where three countries meet.

The experience includes everything you need: ferry tickets, park access, water, and lunch.

Not available on Sundays. Remember to bring your documents and check visa requirements for Paraguay.


📍 DestinationIguazu Falls
▶ Starting TimeAM
🕛 Duration4hs to 8hs
🚴 Type of TourAdventure
📄 FeaturesGroup Service

How To Visit

Reservations must be made in advance on the official website.


Begin your day of adventure in the Yriapú Jungle, Argentina, where you will immerse yourself in a unique environment where Guarani culture merges with nature.

After traveling through the jungle trails, you will arrive at the port. Here, you will complete the necessary customs procedures before taking the ferry that will take you across the Iguazú and Paraná rivers to Paraguay.

Once in Paraguay, you will tour the streets of Presidente Franco, until reaching Parque Salto Monda-y. There, you will enjoy a traditional lunch and can rest a bit from the journey.

In the afternoon, you will resume biking towards the Paraguayan Landmark, a unique point where three countries converge. This visit will offer you a singular perspective and exceptional photographic opportunities.

Finish your 6-hour, 30 km adventure returning to Yriapú Jungle.

This excursion, which does not operate on Sundays (as the ferry to cross the river is not available on that day), includes ferry tickets, park entrance, water, and lunch.

Remember to carry valid documents and check visa requirements for Paraguay.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this activity requires considerable effort, so caution is advised. Regarding reduced mobility, the company states, “People with different abilities and/or physically unable to maintain balance on a mountain bike” cannot participate in the activity.

The minimum age to take the excursion is 10 years, and, obviously, knowing how to ride a bicycle is required.

The excursion is available on December 24 and 25 (except on Sundays), but not on December 31 and January 1.

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