Is it convenient to rent a car to visit Iguazu Falls?

Is it convenient to rent a car to visit Iguazu Falls

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When arriving at a destination, the idea of renting a car becomes very tempting, since in addition to letting us visit the city at our own pace, it also gives us the freedom to explore.

However, this is generally not necessary as many tourist sites have taken care to provide tourists with different options for getting around.

If you want to know if it is convenient to rent a car in Iguazu Falls, read on.

Is it convenient to rent a car to visit Iguazu Falls?

The city of Puerto Iguazú is only seventeen kilometers from the jungle of Misiones, and has many passenger transportation options.

It is only advisable to rent a car if after visiting the Iguazu Falls you wish to visit another city or the rest of the province of Misiones.

What options do I have to move around Iguazu?

As we mentioned at the beginning, many tourist spots have transportation options, either public or private, for visitors, for all tastes and needs.


The city of Puerto Iguazú has a good number of taxis for passengers, many of which have stops in strategic areas of the city, such as the bus terminal or airport.


It is the best option to get to know a destination, because in addition to moving from the comfort of your lodging, you will be able to know important details thanks to the guide.

Keep in mind that some agencies will offer transportation to other attractions. Don’t forget to check all the options to make your trip the best experience.


The company Río Uruguay is in charge of transporting tourists around the city of Puerto Iguazú, both from the airport and the downtown area to the Iguazú National Park.

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