Devil’s Throat: Expected to Reopen for Winter Holidays.

Devil's Throat Expected to Reopen for Winter Holidays.

The repair works on the main attraction’s walkways at the Iguazu National Park are in the final stage of the project.

After the historical rise of the upper Iguazu River, which was accompanied by a heavy storm, Iguazu Argentina announced that the repairs could be ready by July.

Similarly, they expressed through their social networks that the reconstruction is progressing rapidly, and after the completion of the first phase, which was the replacement of the stone layer at the Devil’s Throat station, they will begin with the final part of the project, intended to repair the Devil’s Throat Balcony.

They also explained that provided there are no more unforeseen events such as weather factors, the famous waterfall will again receive tourists in the month of July, coinciding with the winter vacations of 2024.


Source: La Voz de Cataratas, Misiones Online.