What to do in Iguazu Falls in Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring?

Que hacer en Cataratas del Iguazu por temporada

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Are you planning a trip to Iguazu Falls during the Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring seasons? See what you can do in each case in this article.

All seasons have charm and it is possible to enjoy Iguazu Falls all year round.

What are the main attractions in Iguassu Falls?

Visiting the Iguassu Falls, both on the Argentine and Brazilian sides, is undoubtedly the main activity offered by the destination.

Being able to admire the natural spectacle of the waterfalls and live the adrenaline of approaching the great waterfalls of the Argentinean lake and contemplate the complete panoramic view of the Brazilian side, are the tempting proposals.

At any time of the year, the destination also offers a variety of options. Take note.

What to do in Iguazu Falls in summer?

During the summer the temperatures are quite high in Iguazu Falls, however, having sunscreen and good hydration at hand, you can enjoy many outdoor alternatives.

We share with you the options:

Visiting the Iguazu Falls Park.

The intense heat is not an impediment to enjoy the attractions of the Iguazu Falls.

In summer, the falls have a great flow of water and during the tour the water splashes visitors, resulting in a refreshing ride.

Also, the park has many green spaces, so you can find plenty of shade of native species of the region.

The vegetation is enhanced in this season with intense colors in trees and flowers.

Iguazú River RIB Excursions

The excursion in rubber boats on the Argentinean side of the falls is an excellent option to do in the summer.

You can opt for a paddle boat tour on the upper part of the falls or a motor boat excursion and get very close to some of the waterfalls.

Safari through the jungle of Misiones

During the summer, the colors of the jungle intensify and the animals are usually very active, so a safari is a great option to observe them.

The safari consists of an excursion in 4×4 vehicles through the jungle, with specialized guides who provide information about the flora and fauna of the area, with the possibility of seeing exotic animals and plants of the region.

What to do in the Iguazu Falls in autumn?

During the fall, the day presents warm mornings and cool or cold nights.

This weather is favorable to enjoy the benefits of a landscape that is tinged with ocher and golden colors.

Take into account the alternatives to enjoy autumn in Iguazu Falls.

Enjoying autumn at the Iguazu Falls

During autumn, rainfall decreases and temperatures are more moderate, which predisposes you to visit the Falls at a pleasant pace.

One of the great attractions of this season is that in autumn you can observe a greater number of animals when walking the trails and the wonderful change of ocher and golden tones of the flora of the region.

Visiting the Güirá Oga refuge

A visit to the Güirá Oga Wildlife Refuge is an excellent plan to do in Iguazú during the fall.

Located 13 kilometers from the Falls, this refuge offers numerous trails in the middle of the jungle of Misiones, where visitors can become aware of the importance of animal care and respect for their habitat.

During the tour, visitors can observe rescued animals of various species, such as caimans, turtles and otters, among others.

Excursion through the Yerba Mate Plantations

The provinces of Misiones and Corrientes have a tourist product in common: the Yerba Mate Route.

In this tour, tourists can get to know the enterprises and products used by the industries and producers of the yerba mate sector.

In Puerto Iguazú you can visit plantations and learn about the whole process of elaboration and the products made with yerba mate.

What to do in Iguazu Falls in winter?

In winter the landscape of the Iguazu Falls explodes with an intense green.

Many tree species of the Misiones rainforest bloom at this time, which invites you to explore the destination with all your senses.

Get to know the winter proposals in Iguazu Falls.

Enjoying the winter in Iguazu Falls

During the winter, the weather in Iguazu Falls is not so cold, which invites you to walk its trails without pause.

You can enjoy the wildlife and the intense colors of tree species that bloom at this time of the year.

The tour of the falls on the Argentine side will take you at least a day, while on the Brazilian side you can do it in half a day.

It is a great time of the year to thoroughly tour both national parks.

Visit the Wax Museum in Foz do Iguaçu

In the city of Foz do Iguaçu it is possible to visit the Wax Museum and enjoy incredible creations.

The Museum has 16 stages where statues of personalities from the world of sports, movies, television and history, among others, are presented.

Relaxing in the hotel’s heated swimming pool

If you are looking for a little warmth during the winter in Iguazu Falls, it is always a good option to enjoy the heated pool of your hotel.

Most of the hotel establishments have a space where people can relax after intense days of walks and hikes.

What to do in Iguazu Falls in spring?

In the spring months, the presence of humidity begins to be felt and the abundant vegetation of the jungle of Misiones brings freshness to the environment.

With this weather, outdoor activities are recommended during the visit to the destination.

We share options for you to choose what to do in spring in Iguazu Falls, according to your preferences.

Adventure tours with Jungle Fly

Enjoying the jungle of Misiones and the essence of the Iguazu Falls is possible thanks to excursions that propose a great adventure.

The service provider Jungle Fly offers proposals to travel through the jungle with specialized guides, getting to know its natural richness and enjoying the landscape.

By boat, it is possible to see the set of Brazilian and Argentinean falls, with the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) crowning the panoramic view.

There are also rowing navigations through the islands of the Upper Iguazú River.

Visiting La Lorenza Natural Reserve

La Lorenza Natural Reserve is located 45 km from Iguazú.

In this place, you can go on trails, kayaking, bird watching, among other activities that combine history, adventure and culture.

It is an excellent option to add during your visit to the Falls.

Excursion to San Ignacio Miní Ruins and Wanda Mines

San Ignacio Ruins

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the San Ignacio Ruins are located 300 kilometers from Puerto Iguazú.

It is an excellent tour to appreciate one of the best preserved Jesuit missions in Argentina.

Wanda Mines

On the way to San Ignacio, you will find the Wanda Mines.

This deposit of semi-precious stones is an unmissable open-pit mineral enclosure. You will find and learn about the characteristics of agates, topaz, quartz crystals and amethysts, among others.

All seasons of the year have their charm to visit the Iguazu Falls and enjoy various activities according to your preferences, with the unbeatable setting of the jungle of Misiones, the lush vegetation and majestic waterfalls.

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