What can you do in Ushuaia for free or for little money?

Que se puede hacer en Ushuaia gratis o con poco dinero

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There are many activities to do in Ushuaia that do not require large sums of money or even for free. Discover them in this article!

Located in the province of Tierra del Fuego, the city of Ushuaia is recognized as one of the most outstanding destinations in Argentina. Year after year it is visited by a large number of tourists who come in search of the magic that encloses “the city at the end of the world”.

Ushuaia offers an inexhaustible list of tourist attractions related to nature, history, navigation and marine fauna observation.

For many of its proposals, tour operators must be hired. However, there are activities that you can do for free or with little money. Get to know the options.

Strolling around Encerrada Bay

Located a few meters from the famous sign with the name of the city, a must-see photo for every visitor, is this small natural bird reserve.

It has viewpoints where you can get the best views of the Beagle Channel and the entire city of Ushuaia.

You can visit Bahía Encerrada as part of a tour of Ushuaia.

The walk through the streets of the city, you can do it on your own or hire a guide service that tells the history of the place and its main attractions.

Touring Malvinas Square

In this square, you can see a monument to the fallen and the silhouette of the Malvinas made of marble.

It has a permanently lit flame as a reminder of what this city experienced during the Malvinas War.

It is a very emotional walk to remember the history and pay homage to the fallen. Undoubtedly, it is an obligatory tour of reflection, memory and recognition.

Excursion to Playa Larga

Playa Larga is located at the exit of the city of Ushuaia.

This beach is a quiet and lonely place, from where you can see almost the entire city of Ushuaia.

It is ideal to contemplate the Beagle Channel or to be the starting point to walk the trail that leads to Estancia Tunel and Rio Encajonado.

Hiking around Laguna Turquesa

The road to Laguna Turquesa, has a well signposted ascent and is of medium difficulty.

It is accessed by RN 3 and is located before the entrance to Laguna Esmeralda.

It is a journey of approximately 2 km, always uphill.

During the ascent you can see the Esmeralda Lagoon and the Ojo del Albino Glacier.

When you reach the destination, the view is wonderful. You will be able to see the lagoon and the surrounding mountains.

To get to the base, you can go by private car, cab or bus service that offer the service at an affordable price.

Visiting the Cerro Alarken Nature Reserve

Located very close to downtown Ushuaia, you can reach Cerro Alarken by bicycle or car.

After a climb that you can do on foot if you wish, you will arrive at a hotel where you will be told how to access the hill.

By means of a mini trekking of low difficulty you will have a fantastic view of the attractions of the city.

Visit the old BEBAN house

This old house was built in 1911 by Don Tomás Beban. It is a tourist attraction to know the constructions of the time and the history of one of the traditional families of the area.

The Old Beban House was declared “National Historic Monument” in 2005, for its historical value as a testimony.

Admission is free.

Visit the Historical Museum “Pensar Malvinas”.

This museum was inaugurated on April 2, 2012 and was created by the municipality at the request of the Malvinas ex-combatants’ center.

During the visit, information is provided about the space, the actions carried out in pursuit of the rescue of the Historical Heritage and special exhibitions can also be seen.

It is a space for learning, interaction and reflection that deserves to be visited.

Admission is free.

In this way, Ushuaia offers multiple activities to do at low cost or free of charge and all of them are of great cultural, natural and historical attraction.

It is an ideal city to walk around, enjoy its particular architecture and trekking through the nearby trails where you will get the best views of Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel.

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