Puerto Iguazú: The City Will Take Part in Carnaval 2024

Puerto Iguazú The City Will Take Part in Carnaval 2024

Iguazu Falls will dress up in colors and feathers and dance to the rhythm of samba this weekend before the national Carnaval holiday.

After several setbacks, the Permanent Commission has obtained the necessary permits, and the comparsas (carnival groups) will be able to parade through the city. The event will take place on Las Calandrias Avenue, with entrance at the corner of El Zorzal, from February 9th to 11th, starting at 9:00 PM. The tickets will cost $2000.

This information was provided by Susana Saucedo, who is part of the Permanent Commission of the carnival “Wonder of the World,” through Radio Nacional Iguazú.

In this edition of the Carnaval de Iguazú, which celebrates its 25th anniversary, the following local comparsas will participate along with an invited company from Ciudad del Este:

  • Yaguareté
  • San José
  • Banda Norte
  • Batuke
  • Arco iris
  • Imperiales de Ciudad del Este

Source: Radio Nacional Iguazú, El Territorio