Iguazu National Park to host the first edition of the Iguazu Cross Country

A marathon will be run in Iguazú National Park for the first time.
Iguazu National Park to host the first edition of the Iguazu Cross Country

The last weekend of February will see a new sports event that, in addition to promoting athletics as a lifestyle, aims to advertise the Iguazu Falls as a travel destination.

Registrations for the event are now open until February 19. 

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This is a weekend event starting on February 24th with the gathering of the marathon runners. They will receive their kits, orientation talks about the routes and first aid, and a craft beer tasting. The sports event will take place the next day, from 5:00 to 11:00 AM, with three competition circuits: Cai Cross 6km, Tucan Cross 12km, and Yaguarete Cross 21km.

This is the second event organized by a group of runners from Misiones, who seek to exploit sports tourism in Puerto Iguazu. The previous year they carried out the Tres Naciones Trail, where they toured within the 2000 hectares that form the falls of the Mbocay stream. This year, the organization is in charge of Horacio Maceda as director and Daniel Chavez and Walter Gamboa as coordinators.

In addition to attracting runners from all over the country and neighboring nations, alongside the promotion of the destination and connection with nature, the organizers are betting on encouraging local employment. In this regard, Gamboa said:

“It’s a challenge to organize these types of events, especially considering the economic situation, but it’s also an opportunity to generate jobs, not only regarding accommodation and gastronomy. By hosting this kind of events we’re also creating specialized workforce, whether they are photographers, entertainers; the t-shirts could be made in Iguazu and why not, in the future everything necessary here and each event generating a comprehensive economic movement for the destination.”

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Schedule of Activities:

February 24th:

  • Kits delivery at Hotel Holy Beer (Route 12 km 1638)
  • Time: 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM.
  • Treat for participants with craft beer tasting.
  • DJ and entertainer to liven up the moment.
  • Raffles and surprises.
  • Local and other province’s stands with various products.
  • Social responsibility actions with firefighters providing first aid demonstrations.
  • Technical talk at 6:00 PM explaining circuits and safety recommendations.

February 25th:

  • Development of the Event in the Iguazu National Park:
  • Distances: 21K, 12K and 6K.
  • Duration of the event: 6 hours.
  • Meeting and finishing point: Old Hotel, Iguazú National Park.
  • Starting time: 05:00 am.
  • Closing time: 11:30 am.
  • Staff involved: 35.

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