Iguazu Falls: tourists visiting the National Park will be able to get married

Iguazu Falls tourists visiting the National Park will be able to get married

The Provincial Registry of Persons now accepts marriage applications from non-resident foreign citizens.

Through Resolution No. 452, published in the Official Gazette, the province of Misiones adheres to Law 25.781, Migration Law of the Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation, where it is detailed in the first article that the General Directorate of the Provincial Registry of Persons must “admit in the framework of marriage applications, without any discrimination or difference with respect to any applicant, requests from non-resident foreigners”.

Thus, it will no longer be mandatory to have a fixed address in the province to get married. It will only be necessary a photocopy of the passport with a reference address in Misiones, certified by a public notar.

Likewise, since they are transitory citizens, the General Directorate must grant them an appointment to get married within a term no longer than five days after the application is filed.

This change in the legal norms will favor foreign citizens who wish to get married in La Garganta del Diablo, through the park’s private service.

Source: El Territorio, First Edition, www.boletindigital.misiones.gov.ar