Iguazu Falls: The park has returned to its regular schedule

Iguazu Falls The park has returned to its regular schedule

Finally, after the preventive closure due to a meteorological alert, decreed for Saturday 28/10, last Monday, November 6, the Iguazu Falls resumed their normal opening hours, from 08:00 to 18:00.

In this way, access to the park is now enabled for visitors, who will be able to enjoy a walk on the Macuco Trail, the Green Trail, the Lower Circuit, while the Upper Circuit has a part of its route closed.

For its part, The Devil’s Throat will remain closed until the repair of its walkways, of which 60% suffered damage on Monday, October 30 due to the enormous flow of the Iguazu River, generated by the El Niño phenomenon. It is expected that the management for its reopening will begin once the river flow is below 10,000 cubic meters.

As it happens in these cases, the concessionaire company of the natural area has reminded the visiting public on social networks that they have a one-year deadline to visit the Iguazu National Park.

Source: Clarín, Iguazú Argentina.