Iguazu Falls: Construction begins for a bike path to the park

Iguazu Falls Construction begins for a bike path to the park

After a year of unveiling the new infrastructure for the city of Puerto Iguazu, a date has finally been set to start construction to connect the city with Iguazu National Park. The construction will begin on November 1st.

This announcement took place during the General Investment Council meeting, attended by the Minister and presidential candidate Sergio Massa, along with the governors of the ruling party.

The route is 12.6 kilometers long, planned in three connected sections, starting near the Guira Oga rescue center, continuing at the intersection of national routes 12 and 101, and ending with a final section from the park’s access road to its entrance checkpoint.

It’s worth noting that every kilometer of the journey will have rest areas as well as a pedestrian path along the way.

Source: La Voz de Misiones, Canal12Misiones