Experience March 8th, 2024 in the City of Buenos Aires.

Experience March 8th, 2024 in the City of Buenos Aires.

In a new commemoration of Women’s Rights Struggles, the capital city is gearing up to celebrate with various cultural activities.

The Government of Buenos Aires has put together a diverse agenda to mark another anniversary of International Women’s Day.

Among the many offerings, there will be guided tours of exhibitions by different female artists, live music, readings and discussions of feminist texts, audiovisual performances, and workshops.

Many of the events are free, while others are included with museum admission or subject to room capacity.

For more information on prices and locations, visit the webpage of the City of Buenos Aires.

Museums – Guided tours and events

  • 03/08 at 12:00 – Enrique Larreta House Museum: “Reversing the Spell” exhibition, highlighting female presence in the museum. The activity will also take place on 03/11, 03/18, and 03/25 at 15:00.
  • 03/08 at 16:00 – City Museum: “Nomadic Intimacy,” discussing the impact of muralists and architects on Buenos Aires.
  • 03/08 at 16:00 – Saavedra Museum: “Makers of the Nation,” showcasing the importance of women in shaping our country.
  • 03/08 at 17:00 – Sívori Museum: 67th Edition of the Manuel Belgrano Salon, unveiling the selected and winning artists of the competition.
  • 03/14 at 10:00 and 03/16 at 17:00 – Dorrego Square: “Women with History,” a glimpse into the lives and careers of artists from various disciplines linked to the historic district.


  • 03/08 starting from 11:00 – Gardel Museum: live broadcasts on the program “El arranque” by Luis Tarantino on 2×4, featuring the best female voices in tango.
  • 03/07 at 20:00 – San Martín Cultural Center: Buenos Aires City Symphonic Band with Ligia Piro as a guest.
  • 25 de Mayo Cultural Center: Tango Orchestra of Buenos Aires with outstanding artists.
    03/08: Sandra Luna (singer)
    03/15: Noelia Moncada (singer)
    03/22: Eleonora Ferreyra (bandoneón player)
    03/27: Natsuki Nishihara (bandoneón player)
  • Recoleta Cultural Center: a series of four concerts featuring renowned artists from the music scene:
    (03/08) Inbal and Timna Comedi,
    (03/15) Marisol and Micaela Otero
    (03/22) Wen and Tot
    (03/30) Hilda Lizarazu and Mía Folino


03/09 at 18:00 – Julio Cortázar Library: “8M Workshop: Feminist Readings That Can Change Your Life,” coordinated by Mercedes Funes, Ana Correa, Hinde Pomeraniec, and Marina Mariasch.

Theater and Audiovisual Activities

San Martín Cultural Center: “Women in the Center,” a series of diverse proposals where women will take center stage in contemporary scenes.

  • 03/09 from 19:00 onwards – 19 artists from the Amplify Digital Arts Initiative will offer performances and a visual session.
  • 03/09 at 20:00 in Manuel Antín Hall – screening of the movie “La uruguaya,” followed by a discussion with the director Ana García Blaya and producer Joaquín Marques Borchex.


Throughout March, the Museum of Modern Art will host artistic and educational activities such as workshops and public tours with guests, aimed at highlighting women’s roles in the arts and promoting alternative ways of feeling, thinking, and organizing life in the community.

A new edition of the virtual meeting “Reflective Views” will also take place. The gathering aims to reflect on gender issues through the works of artists in the museum’s collection.

Source: Infobae, Government of the City of Buenos Aires