What to do in Ushuaia in rain or snow?

Que hacer en Ushuaia con lluvia o nieve

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Did you have a rainy day? We know it may seem like you have to stay in the hotel without doing much, but we have some options to enjoy these days.

Capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia offers the magic of the “city at the end of the world”.

With numerous proposals that are linked to the history of its beginnings and development that led it to be listed as an international tourist destination, Ushuaia offers endless activities even on rainy days. Check out the proposals.

Visit the Maritime and Presidio Museum of Ushuaia

This great cultural space is located in the building of the former prison of Ushuaia, where the most dangerous criminals of the country were imprisoned.

This building allows to know the history of the beginnings of the city closely linked to the prison and the maritime life.

In its interior four museums are housed:

  • The Museum of the Prison: In this enclosure you will know the history of the first Prison of Tierra del Fuego, inaugurated in 1896.Through the visit to the cells, with the recreation to real size of the “most famous” prisoners, you will observe their life in the prison of extreme security, the works, punishments and the mysteries and legends that encloses this particular place.
  • The Maritime Museum: Here you can see models, naval models and maritime life that is linked to the history of Tierra del Fuego.
    The José María Sobral Antarctic Museum: through a tour of its 19 rooms you can appreciate a large amount of historical and biological Antarctic materials.
  • The Museum of Marine Art: A large collection of works by marine and port artists will show the development of marine art in Argentina.
  • Fuegian History Thematic Gallery: In this gallery, you can learn about the history of Tierra del Fuego in a space full of figures and replicas of instruments and objects of historical value.

The History Thematic Gallery has more than 36 scenes and 120 life-size figures of characters, representative of the province of Tierra del Fuego.

The tour invites you to learn about the time of the indigenous peoples Yámanas, Shelknam and Haush and other characters involved in the history of the province.

The real appearance of their replicas is impressive. There is a self-guided tour with headphones in several languages.

Visit the old BEBAN house

Built in 1911 by Don Tomás Beban, this house is a cultural tour to know the constructions of the time and the history of one of the traditional families of Ushuaia.

Because of its historical and cultural value, the Antigua Casa Beban was declared a “National Historical Monument” in 2005.

Visit the Historical Museum “Pensar Malvinas”.

Inaugurated on April 2, 2012 at the request of the center of former Malvinas combatants, the Historical Museum “Pensar Malvinas” is a space for reflection.

It is a place for learning about the history of the Malvinas War, with itinerant exhibitions and sometimes talks by former combatants.

Paseo de los Artesanos Enriqueta Gastelumendi (Enriqueta Gastelumendi Artisans’ Walk)

The Paseo de los Artesanos Enriqueta Gastelumendi is located in a roofed gallery, which makes it a great option to visit on rainy days.

It has stalls and workshops, represented by artisans from different countries, who show and offer their handmade products.

It is a must visit if you want to take home a souvenir of the city.

Paseo del Fuego Shopping Center

The Paseo del Fuego Shopping Center is located near downtown Ushuaia.

This modern building is an excellent option to spend a rainy day, touring its shops, the food court overlooking the Beagle Channel and the entertainment activities it offers.

It has movie theaters and a Playland area for children.  It also offers different activities such as the proposal: Fibers of the End of the World, where spinners and weavers of the province teach the whole process of their work.

Entertainment in Tierra de Enigmas – Escape Rooms at the End of the World

Tierra de Enigmas – Escape Rooms at the End of the World is a great option if you happen to have a rainy day.

An adrenaline-filled experience with local themed rooms.

A team, a themed room and 60 minutes to escape, is the proposal.

This escape room is located in the Paseo del Shopping Center.

Thus, the proposals of the city of Ushuaia are endless and you can fully enjoy a magical destination with numerous activities to do even on rainy days.

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