What to do in El Calafate with children?

What to do in El Calafate with children?

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Traveling with children can be a challenge. For that reason, we suggest here the best activities and excursions to do with children in the city of El Calafate.

Located in the province of Santa Cruz, the city of El Calafate is known as the “National Capital of Glaciers”.

Thousands of tourists visit it every year, amazed by the spectacle of observing the Perito Moreno Glacier and the rest of the ice giants in Los Glaciares National Park.

This is a unique experience to enjoy with the family. Children live the wonderful sensation of being in “the ice age” and are fascinated by the activities related to the glaciers.

Adventure, entertainment and fun are the proposals offered by the destination.

Find out what to do with minors in El Calafate.

Visit the Perito Moreno Glacier

The Perito Moreno Glacier is located inside Los Glaciares National Park.

The excursion to the Perito Moreno Glacier is the must-see destination. Undoubtedly it fascinates children for the beauty and amazement caused by its gigantic blocks of ice, its blue color and its detachments.

In the park the whole family can contemplate it from the different viewpoints and walkways, make a navigation where you get very close or walk on it.

The option of walking on the glacier is a unique adventure, ideal for children, as they feel like explorers in an amazing landscape.

There are two options to walk on the Perito Moreno Glacier.

One is a “Minitrekking” of an hour and a half and the other is called “Big Ice”, of three and a half hours, where there is also a thirty minute break for lunch on the glacier.

Both excursions are full day trips. The choice of each of them will depend on the age of the children and their physical abilities.

Undoubtedly it is a unique experience to enjoy this great tourist attraction with all the senses.

Sailing to the Upsala, Spegazzini and Onelli Glaciers

The navigation itself is a fun proposal to enjoy with children.

In this excursion through different branches of Lake Argentino called “Río de Hielos” (Ice River) you can appreciate the Upsala, Spegazzini and Onelli glaciers.

Navigating among blocks of ice, product of the detachments of the glaciers and appreciating the different shades of blue, are unforgettable experiences to live with the family.

Rural tourism in estancias

The city offers the possibility of living a rural tourism experience through a visit to its estancias.

Participating in sheep herding with kelpie dogs, witnessing a shearing demonstration, horseback riding and bird watching are fun activities to do with children in El Calafate.

Many of them have an exclusive panoramic view of Lake Argentino, Mount Cristal or the Andes Mountain Range.

A walk through the Laguna Nimez Reserve

The Laguna Nimez Reserve is located very close to downtown El Calafate.

There are different circuits accessible to all ages, where you can admire the flora and fauna of the place.

Children enjoy the beautiful spectacle of flamingos, ducks, teros and coots, among hundreds of other birds.

There is a lot of vegetation, especially grasses, complemented by the beautiful colors of the lagoon.

The landscape that accompanies the tour allows a panoramic view of the city and Lake Argentino. An ideal place to take a family postcard.

Visit Glaciarium Ice Museum

The Glaciarium Ice Museum is a modern glaciological interpretation center, dedicated to the dissemination of Patagonian ice and glaciers.

The establishment uses new exhibition techniques where the contents are presented with interactions, scenic and lighting effects.

Learning all about glaciers and their importance in the world, in a modern interpretation center, is a fun way to learn that fascinates children.

There are audiovisual and multimedia presentations in 3D.

A visit to this institution is a must to learn the most complete information about the ice giants and become aware of their importance in the world.

Children learn in a fun way in a space full of technology.

Inside the enclosure there is also a cafeteria, an Ecoshop and an ice bar.

This bar stands out for offering the possibility of tasting drinks at an ambient temperature of -10ºC and the amazing experience of entering a place built entirely with blocks of ice.

Visiting the Historical Interpretation Center of El Calafate

The Historical Interpretation Center of El Calafate allows you to learn about the history of the city and its development over time.

One of the attractions that amazes children is the exhibition of gigantic skeletons of dinosaurs and megafauna that lived in the area.

In its rooms the memory of the native peoples is also rescued.

There are multimedia exhibits that show the ecological processes that shaped this part of the world.

It is an unmissable visit to enjoy with the family and discover the origins of the city of El Calafate and its growth.

Touring Bahía Redonda

If the visit to El Calafate coincides with the winter, it is possible to enjoy the Bahía Redonda in a special way, since it is transformed into a huge ice skating rink.

During the month of July, the “Fiesta del Hielo” (Ice Festival) is held there, with fun activities that will amaze children: figure skating, ice hockey, ice sculpture tournaments and sled races, among others.

Visiting the Argentine Toy Museum

A must if you travel with children to El Calafate is to visit the Museo Argentino del Juguete (Argentine Toy Museum).

This space is dedicated to spreading the world of toys and other souvenirs from around the world.

There are collections of toys, advertisements, movie posters, vintage curiosities, photographs, store items, books and school supplies, among others.

Undoubtedly, it is a place to enjoy with the family, where children get to know antique toys from all over the world and adults reminisce about their childhood with memories of their childhood.

With multiple proposals to share with the little ones, El Calafate is a destination where children have fun, learn and entertain themselves in full contact with nature.

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