What to do in Iguazu Falls with children?

Que hacer en cataratas del iguazu con niños

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Traveling with children can be a challenge. For that reason, we suggest here the best activities and excursions to do in Iguazu Falls with children.

The natural scenery of the Iguazu Falls is a great attraction for traveling with children. The little ones enjoy nature in all its splendor and the amazement is constant in every tour through the jungle of Misiones.

The Iguazu Falls are considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and there is much to discover and enjoy both on the Argentine and Brazilian sides.

To visit the destinations with minors, the main recommendation is that you can dedicate a full day to each National Park to go at the pace of the children.

Do not miss the suggestions for traveling with children to Iguazu Falls so that everyone can enjoy its attractions and those of the area.

All the recommended activities to visit with children are linked to nature. Learn more about the options.

Visiting Iguazu National Park (Argentina)

The trails of the Iguazú National Park offer the opportunity to appreciate the great waterfalls along its entire route and this is something that fascinates the little ones. Fun is guaranteed when the drops splash them all along the way.

The different circuits are suitable for children. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the ride may be slower, so it is ideal to go to the park early in the morning to make the most of the whole day.

The ecological train of the jungle is undoubtedly a great ride to discover the flora and fauna of the place.

Do not forget to bring sunscreen and mosquito repellent to enjoy the ride without mishaps.

Like most of the older visitors, children are also surprised and amazed with the great Garganta del Diablo, this giant waterfall that has a drop of 80 meters.

There are options to hire excursions to navigate very close to the waterfalls, but this decision will depend on the age of the children, as it is a ride of great adrenaline.

Without a doubt, a visit to the Iguazu National Park is a great adventure that combines fun and learning about respect for nature.

Visiting the Iguazu National Park (Brazil)

Touring the Falls on the Brazilian side takes less time, but it is recommended to dedicate a whole day, so that children can fully enjoy the experience.

The park offers different types of nautical activities and the decision depends on the age of the children and the risk they represent in each case.

A must in the park is the trail called “Trilha da Cataratas”, where you can see a complete panoramic view of the falls and it is easy to access with children.

At the moment of seeing the spectacular fall of the Devil’s Throat, is where children enjoy ending up completely wet.

Another moment that the little ones love is going up the elevator that leads to a viewpoint with stunning panoramic views.

The children enjoy the whole tour marveling at the different experiences of walking through trails with abundant vegetation, waterfalls that splash them and the contact with nature.

Visit the Hummingbird Garden.

Children are fascinated by more than 15 species of hummingbirds flying freely in a park full of flowers.

The Hummingbird Garden is located in the center of the city of Puerto Iguazú and is a space where more than 150 specimens of hummingbirds can be observed.

Visit the Bird Park

A few meters from the Parque Nacional do Iguaçu in Brazil, the Parque de las Aves (Bird Park) is the second most visited attraction in the city.

During this 1.5 km long walk, children will be able to see a great diversity of birds up close.

They can experience the beautiful experience of seeing toucans, macaws, red corocoros, flamingos and parrots, among others, fly over their shoulders.

Fun in Culturas Park Iguazú

The theme park “Culturas Park Iguazú” is a space to get in touch with the missionary culture and the charms of the East.

Children can enjoy games, dinosaurs, animated robots, inflatables and bouncy castles.

Family trip to La Aripuca

La Aripuca is a tour where children can learn the importance of respecting nature and learn about the culture of the Guarani people.

This family eco-tourism project was built with the purpose of creating awareness about the natural resources and spreading the culture, beliefs and traditions of the region.

You can enjoy Guarani music and singing, buy handicrafts of all kinds and take bow and arrow classes.

Traveling to Iguazu Falls with children is a beautiful experience, especially for the little ones who will enjoy being protagonists in a unique natural environment, while learning about the care of the environment.

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