What to Do at Night in Iguazu Falls?

Que hacer de Noche en Cataratas del Iguazu

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Are you interested in visiting Iguazu Falls at night? Know the best proposals to enjoy and make the most of your visit to this destination.

The Iguazu Falls offer numerous activities to enjoy during the day in full contact with nature and also offers entertainment at night.

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Find out what are the night proposals in Iguazu Falls.

Walk by the light of the full moon

Visiting the Iguazu National Park at night is an unmissable experience to appreciate the falls and its surroundings by the light of the full moon.

This tour takes place on full moon days, which total 5 nights a month.

The tour begins aboard th.he Jungle Ecological Train to the Garganta del Diablo Station. From there you will take a walk in the calm of the night along the walkways illuminated only by moonlight.

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This experience lasts 2.30 hours and has three shifts at different times.

This activity is independent from the general park entrance fee and if you happen to be on a full moon night it is a must do.

Listening to the sounds of the jungle and the waterfalls in the silence of the night is a unique experience that you can enjoy with all your senses.

Madero Tango

Madero Tango is a nighttime entertainment option that offers a great show with the most representative traditions of the Río de la Plata, in addition to a varied gastronomic offer.

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The central show proposes a tango and folklore show, offering a great experience to understand and appreciate the Argentine roots.

Besides enjoying a varied gastronomic offer and the show, you will have the possibility of taking a tango class, so that the experience is complete to the rhythm of one of the traditional dances of the Rio de la Plata.

Rafain Churrascaria Show

This gastronomic space combines Latin music, night dances and a self-service buffet of meat, pasta, salads and a variety of desserts.

Through artistic presentations, Rafain Churrascaria Show offers a show that shows the culture of Latin American countries with a lot of joy.

The typical dances of each country are represented, with allusive costumes and a great performance.

It is a great unique experience to appreciate the most representative music of Latin American countries.

The Argentina Experience

The Argentina Experience is an ideal proposal to get to know the customs and culture of Argentina through its music, typical dances and delicious gastronomy.

Both Argentines and foreigners enjoy a great show with the most representative of the national culture.

There are gastronomic proposals of meat and vegetarian options.

It is a relaxed atmosphere with a strong focus on social integration and fun.

Ice Bar

Opened in 2013, the Ice Bar is the first ice bar in the entire area.

The experience is unique when attending a place completely surrounded by ice.

How does this adventure begin?

Once you enter the place, the staff gives visitors gloves and jackets for the cold.

After an acclimatization of approximately 10 minutes, you will enter the Ice Bar, which is at -10 degrees Celsius. Due to the weather conditions inside, you will only be able to stay for 30 minutes.

There you will enjoy drinks, music and you will be able to admire the whole environment made of ice, walls, bars and other structures.

This experience is for the whole family.

Wics Bar

This place located near the Hito Tres Fronteras offers a variety of menus and drinks in a unique environment that mimics the missionary jungle.

A place of entertainment and fun with live music for the whole family.

AR Point Iguazú

Punto AR Iguazú combines a great gastronomic variety with an unbeatable view of the countries of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.

Located near the Hito Tres Fronteras, it offers live music nights and a festive atmosphere.

With numerous proposals to enjoy at night, Iguazu Falls offers a pleasant stay at all times.

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