Iguazú Falls: Now with more weekly flights

Iguazú Falls Now with more weekly flights

In a press release issued on September 2, Aerolíneas Argentinas announced an increase in its seat offer for the last four-month period of the year that will affect several destinations in the country, including Puerto Iguazú.

The measure affects the routes from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazú and Córdoba to Puerto Iguazú.

Thus, the air route connecting the cities of Puerto Iguazú and Buenos Aires will increase from 40 flights to 43 weekly flights as of September, while for the month of October the frequency is expected to reach 47 trips.

On the other hand, the airline’s route from the city of Córdoba to Misiones expects to increase the number of weekly flights to six.

Spokesmen of the flag carrier highlighted the importance of this measure to support tourism. In this sense Pablo Ceriani, president of the airline said:

“Aerolineas is a fundamental tool for the development of tourism and connectivity for Argentines. That is why we are permanently working to put more flights where we see possibilities for expansion.”

For his part, Fabian Lombardo, commercial director of the air transport company said:

“We are putting a greater supply of seats in destinations that increase their demand during this period of the year and that, in combination with tools such as Previaje, become a very attractive product for tourists.”


Source: Misiones Online, La Voz de Cataratas, Aerolíneas Argentinas.