Iguazu Falls: last days of extended winter vacation schedule 2023

Iguazu Falls last days of extended winter vacation schedule 2023

As of Saturday, July 29, the protected area will resume its regular 08:00 hours.

As announced during the first week of winter vacations through their social networks, Iguazú National Park authorities will extend the special opening hours from 7:30 am to Friday.

This is a temporary measure that seeks to respond to the large increase in income that the National Park is experiencing due to the winter break, in addition to the usual international tourism.

Despite having extended the visiting hours, it is still important that tourists who have purchased their entrance tickets through the national parks website respect the chosen entrance hours.

It is also important to point out that all the Iguazu Falls circuits, including the Devil’s Throat, are open to the public, after the closure of the latter during the second week of July.


Source: Misiones Online, https://www.facebook.com/ParqueNacIguazu