Iguazu Falls: Closed on November 2nd due to park ranger strike

In support of the park rangers who are in legal proceedings, Iguazú National Park, along with other natural areas, will close access to the public on November 2nd.
Iguazu Falls Closed on November 2nd due to park ranger strike

Various unions, including SIGUNARA, ATE, and UPCN, which represent the workers performing various tasks in the protected areas of our country, have decided to halt activities on November 2nd. 

This action is taken in support of the workers involved in the tragedy at Lanín National Park. The strike will affect all areas under the administration of National Parks.

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Additionally, as part of the efforts to raise awareness about the incident, at Iguazu National Park on October 30th, 31st, and November 1st, access to the Macuco Trail will be restricted. However, the Upper Circuit, Lower Circuit, Green Trail, and Devil’s Throat will operate as usual.


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