Iguassu Falls: in the next few days will reach one million visitors

Iguassu Falls in the next few days will reach one million visitors

Different referents of the tourism sector agree that the month of July has been a success thanks to the large number of travelers who chose not only Puerto Iguazú but also other cities of Misiones for the winter break, such as Posadas, which reached similar numbers in hotel occupancy.

The Iguazú Falls received a record number of visitors during the winter vacations, and it is expected that between this week and the following one, the number of visitors will exceed one million, according to the Minister of Tourism José María Arrúa, who said:

“Yesterday I was given the numbers, we are reaching over 900,000 admissions. So, if this continues like this, surely by the first week we will be reaching one million visitors in Iguazu National Park. All the data they give us, a characteristic that without a doubt this year we are going to surpass what were the pandemic years in 2019.”

For his part, the president of the Association of Tourist Guides, Ángel Palma, backed up the minister’s statement by pointing out that July has been a prosperous month for the destination, noting that the falls are expecting close to ten thousand visitors a day, allowing for over one hundred and fifty thousand entries by the end of the month.

In addition, Palma pointed out that this record number of visitors has a large component of foreign tourists. In this sense, he said:

“Puerto Iguazú had visitors from France, Italy, North America, Spain. The truth is that international tourism, which usually takes place in September and October, is being brought forward”.


Source. MisionesOnline.