Excursions, Tours and Activities in Iguazu Falls

Discover the best excursions, tours, and activities in Iguazu Falls. This destination offers many options to do during your visit to Puerto Iguazu or Foz do Iguazu, discover the best options for you!

Excursión a Cataratas del Iguazú - Lado Argentino
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Price from: 54 USD

Duration: 1hs to 4hs
Type: Adventure
Get to know the missionary jungle in a unique way through its trails from the multiple activities offered by this adventure excursion.

Price from: 5 USD

Duration: 1hs to 4hs
Type: Cultural
Experience the rich culture and traditions of the Guarani Yriapu Community in Puerto Iguazu. Immerse yourself in their history and learn about their traditions.

Price from: 115 USD

Duration: 4hs to 8hs
Type: Traditional
Discover part of the wildlife of the missionary rainforest in a different way with a tour of one of the most important institutions for the conservation of birds.

Price from: 7 USD

Duration: 1hs to 4hs
Type: Traditional
Enjoy a different activity with Icebar Iguazú in Puerto Iguazú and escape the heat of the area. Ideal if you have a free day in your visit to this destination.

Price from: 139 USD

Duration: 4hs to 8hs
Type: Adventure
Ride a bike through the Yaguareté trail between Puerto Iguazú and Comandante Andresito. Ideal to learn about the environment surrounding Iguazu Falls.

Price from: 105 USD

Duration: 1hs to 4hs
Type: Traditional
The Argentine Experience is more than a restaurant, it is a place that aims to show the quality of the flavors that can be found in South America and especially in Argentina, sharing the moment with other travelers visiting Iguazu Falls.


Iguazu Falls is one of the most visited destinations in Argentina year after year.

The natural attraction is a unique experience and year after year the wonderful pictures taken by its visitors prove it.

That is why there are several excursions, tours, and activities in Iguazu Falls, Puerto Iguazu, and Foz do Iguazu.

You can choose activities that range from the traditional, with visits to the national parks, to adventure options and activities outside of the country, such as tango shows or visits to emblematic bars of the destination.

We are sure you will have a fantastic experience in Iguassu Falls, find on our site many activities to do on your trip!

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