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After a two-week closure, access to the trail where a puma was sighted in mid-May has been reopened.
Stay updated with the latest news on the reopening and estimated date of the Devil’s Throat circuit at Iguazu Falls here.
The Ministry of Culture has prepared a schedule of activities to celebrate all cultural institutions with free admission.
The arrival of important materials for the repair has been announced from official profiles.
Enter to see the dates of the next Iguazu Falls full moon tour for the month of June 2024 and book your trip with enough anticipation!
The new fare schedule will take effect from May 2024.
The global tribute to the famous film franchise created by George Lucas arrives in the missionary city.
The repair works on the main attraction’s walkways at the Iguazu National Park are in the final stage of the project.
The national airline has agreed with officials from the city of Santa Cruz to increase flights during the low season.

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Price from: 20 USD

Duration: 1hs to 4hs
Type: Traditional
Discover the serenity of shallow waters with this 30-minute family boat ride. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts seeking tranquility.

Price from: 25 USD

Duration: 1hs to 4hs
Type: Cultural, Rain
Explore Guira Oga in Puerto Iguazu: a wildlife sanctuary where conservation and nature shine. Get to know the biodiversity and their protection efforts in the area.

Price from: 20 USD

Duration: 1hs to 4hs
Type: Traditional
During your visit to Dreams Park, don’t hesitate to stop by the Dreams Ice Bar in Foz do Iguazu for a refreshing drink and escape the heat of Iguazu.

Price from: 1 USD

Duration: 1hs to 4hs
Type: Traditional
Discover the Hito Tres Fronteras in Puerto Iguazú, an emblematic point where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet.

Price from: 125 USD

Duration: 4hs to 8hs
Type: Adventure
Experience a 6-hour bicycle journey between Argentina and Paraguay, exploring jungles, crossing rivers, and enjoying a traditional lunch.

Price from: 250 USD

Duration: Full Day
Type: Adventure
Enjoy a full day of adventure, exploring the Misiones jungle by vehicle, bicycle, and kayak.